5 Men Falsely Accused of Human Trafficking

Five defendants were set free in Riverside on September 5, after the complaining witness admitted during preliminary hearing that she had fabricated the entire story because her pimp was mad at her.  All the men were locked up in county jail and had faced charges that carried potential life sentences.

. . . .Stallion admitted on the stand that she lied. Under questioning from another defense attorney, according to Rodriguez, she had gotten into an argument with her pimp and walked away onto Long Beach Boulevard, which Rodriguez said is known as “Ho’s Row.”

Stallion met the five people and decided to hang out with them, traveling to Moreno Valley willingly. Stallion’s pimp apparently became enraged, Rodriguez said, and the next day Stallion regretted getting together with the new friends and wanted to go back to her pimp.

In an attempt to placate him, Stallion made up the story about being kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

It is rare that a witness cracks like this, and fortunate for the defendants.  If the witness had been a little more invested in her lie or wanted to stick with her initial story for whatever reason, these men might have gotten a life sentence.  Scary.