Forest Wilkerson gets Attempted Murder Case Dismissed!

Forest won a hard-fought victory this morning. Her client was charged with 3 counts of attempted murder, with allegations that he discharged a firearm and caused great bodily injury to the three victims. The client’s exposure was 96 years to LIFE.

The case arose out of a shooting at a house party around two years ago. Three individuals were shot and seriously injured. From day one, Forest believed that her client was wrongly ID’d and that he was innocent. Unfortunately, he just wore the wrong clothes to the wrong place that day because he was wearing the same “gangster style” clothing as the actual shooters, who also were invitees to the same party. Because he was wearing a black hoodie, he was wrongly identified as the shooter. The prosecution presented 5 hours of testimony by 8 witnesses, and each was successfully discredited.

Forest and her investigator, Enrique Tira, helped “solve” the case for this wrongly accused client. He investigated and she presented an alibi defense that convinced the judge of her client’s innocence. Forest’s presentation of the case was especially skilled and she presented her defense perfectly. She really showed her brilliance when she qualified the prosecution’s investigating officer as an expert in suspect identification and then asked him to list the problems with the identification in this case – the officer gave her about 10 reasons the ID of her client had been problematic.

Great job Forest!