Why We Are Different

We are a boutique criminal defense law firm, which to us means the following:

— We ONLY handle criminal defense cases. We do not spread our work over several different areas, making us experts in the one area that we practice. All of our training and experience is in criminal law, which evinces our dedication and passion for this one area. This is important to defendants because YOU are our priority, and we will not push you aside while seeking a big civil win or to charge more hourly fees on a family law case. We are dedicated to our only clients – criminal defendants.

— We limit our caseload to 50 cases, jointly. One of the biggest criticisms of criminal defense attorneys is that they do not spend enough time with their clients. There are private defense attorneys and public defenders who have caseloads of 100 or more, which directly affects their ability to review cases and meet with their clients. Even the most talented attorney is going to be ineffective if they have too many cases. By limiting our caseload to represent only a number that we feel we can effectively manage, we best serve our clients and will not miss anything in a case.

— We have never been prosecutors.  Many people have the unsupported belief that if a person was a prosecutor in the past, they will make a better defense attorney. This is not true. The job of a prosecutor is much different from that of a defense attorney, and it takes different training and experience to be a defense attorney. This also means that we have never worked against defendants, which is very important. Prosecutors often refer to defendants as “scumbags” and think it’s ok to send people to prison for the most petty of offenses. With our service, you can rest assured that we treat each client with respect and dignity, and have never faltered from our belief that people are inherently good, even if they do a bad thing. Prosecutors often fail to see the humanity behind the defendant, or the person behind the crime.  Prosecutors dedicate their life to sending people to prison. You don’t want an attorney who has treated people as subhuman; you need an attorney who has always been dedicated to the criminal defense cause.

— We have never been cops. While being a police officer means that one has specialized training in certain areas, cops are the same as prosecutors — they dedicated their life to imprisoning people, often for petty offenses, and have worked to ensure, through any means possible, that a defendant stays in prison. For the same reasons that you don’t want a prior prosecutor as your attorney, you don’t want a former cop as your attorney. How can you be convinced that they see you any different than the people they happily sent to prison? You can’t. It’s best to just ensure that you have attorneys who believe that a person shouldn’t be judged by their worst act, but by the person they are inside.

We believe that being charged with a crime, whether you are guilty or innocent, is probably the worst thing that has happened in your life.  All criminal charges carry the potential for loss of freedom, deportation, loss of professional licenses, and heavy fines.  This is aside from the public humiliation you may find after seeing your name in the newspaper or sitting as a defendant at a jury trial.

You need a lawyer that can handle your case with skill and creativity, as well as someone who will seek to preserve your humanity and treat you with respect and dignity, without consideration of the charges. This is why it’s important that we limit our caseload to serve our clients, and this is why it’s important that we have never been prosecutors or police officers.