Overflowing Jails, Police Budget Cuts, and Declining Crime Rates

The Desert Sun recently did a long article that essentially provided various desert police departments a forum to whine about scaling back and budget cuts during recent years of recession and overall scaling back of government services.  Of course, there was almost no discussion of the value that police are providing for our tax dollars.  The fact that the crime rate continues to fall was briefly discussed and quickly dismissed.  The important message, as usual, is that unless public safety starts getting much more of our tax dollars, we will all be subject to an unbearable and horrific crime wave.  Is this fear-mongering?

Anyway, the crime rate is still falling (locally and nationwide), despite the horrible recession, decline prison populations, and declining police “protection”.  None of the smart people in charge of thinking about these things really knows why – check out discussions of this topic here and here.  This article even links inflation and crime rates!

And despite the misleading commentary in this “investigative” piece, even in this new (supposedly more dangerous) environment of reduced policing, law enforcement is not among the 10 most dangerous jobs.