Coachella Arts and Music Festival Criminal Defense

The old saying “come on vacation, leave on probation” has been popular here in the Coachella Valley since the spring break cruising scene in Palm Springs in the 1980’s.  It holds true today as well for the hundreds of prosecutions arising every year from the Coachella Music Festival.

Local police departments conduct an extensive sting operation for drug sales and drug possession.  Other common problems are minor in possession and drunk driving.

Whatever your particular case is about, Forest Wilkerson and Joshua Mulligan are defense attorneys who can help.  They are particularly sensitive needs of young people and the collateral consequences of seemingly insignificant cases.  For example, a minor in possession case will result in lost of your driver’s license, and a conviction for simple possession of drugs will bar you from receiving student loans or financial aid in the future.  Non-citizens may be deported for seemingly insignificant offenses.

Wilkerson & Mulligan are also sensitive to the needs of clients who may live in other states or other countries.  They will work hard to minimize any travel you have to do back to the Coachella Valley – they are happy to conduct client meetings over the phone, video conference, or skype.  In some misdemeanor cases they may be able to make ALL court appearances for you, so you never have to travel for court dates.

In many misdemeanor cases, it may be possible to work out deals that include “diversion,” where you do some classes or counseling related to your offense and the case is ultimately dismissed.  Wilkerson & Mulligan will always push hard for a diversion result in a misdemeanor case.  For people living in other parts of the country, they will seek out equivalent classes in your hometown and get those classes qualified for diversion by our local court.

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