Domestic Violence

Forest Wilkerson & Joshua Mulligan have handled hundreds of domestic violence cases, from misdemeanor cases to felonies.  Forest and Josh have successfully tried even the most serious and complicated domestic violence cases involving stabbings and serious injuries, with charges such as attempted murder, torture, and mayhem.  They are ready to take any domestic violence case through all stages of the criminal process, including jury trial.

Domestic violence cases often involve complicated issues such as mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, recanting witnesses, and self-defense.  Only the most skilled and experienced lawyer will know how to properly approach these problems.

Forest and Josh are attorneys who understand that these cases require a special touch, as often the relationship is continuing and partners are trying to get through a difficult time while the court process adds further strain to the relationship.

Forest and Josh take a holistic approach to defense in these cases where there are often complicated personal issues and relationship issues in the background.  Forest and Josh will help clients immediately enter drug treatment, anger management, or psychotherapy.  Taking care of these issues at the earliest stage possible will help you achieve the best deal and the lightest sentence possible.  And if the case goes to jury trial, will put you in the best light possible with the jury.

If you spouse or partner does not want to testify and wants the charges dropped, Forest and Josh will quickly and efficiently help them find low-cost and competent legal representation.

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