Murder and Attempted Murder

Announcement: On October 16, 2013 Forest Wilkerson won a hard-fought victory at preliminary hearing, getting 3 counts of attempted murder with gun allegations dismissed and saving her client a 96 years-to-life sentence.

The law of homicide is an extensive and complex area of law that few in private practice find the potential to gain the experience necessary to defend.  Forest Wilkerson and  Joshua Mulligan both gained extensive homicide experience while working for the Public Defender Office.

Joshua Mulligan has gotten excellent results in murder and attempted murder trials and has also been able to negotiate manslaughter pleas in two recent homicide cases (a rare success in Riverside County).  Josh has also extensively litigated complicated issues of mental competency that frequently accompany homicide cases.  Josh has the requisite training and experience required to represent individuals facing the death penalty.

Within her first two years in practice, Forest was handling attempted murder cases and moved to handling murder cases after 5 years of practice. She is experienced in handling all types of murder allegations, including special circumstances homicide, felony murder, “Watson” murders (DUI resulting in death), and has explored and presented many defenses, including self-defense, lack of malice, and other more creative defenses.

In Riverside County, whenever somebody dies in an altercation, the prosecution charges First Degree Murder, whether or not the circumstances of the killing satisfy the elements of a premeditated murder. This is true even where there is a legitimate self-defense claim. If you find yourself in the terrifying position of facing homicide charges, it is best NOT to give a statement to the police and to call an attorney who understands this complex area of law and can help you even before charges are filed. Wilkerson & Mulligan have the experience and knowledge to counsel and represent you under these most dire of circumstances.

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Wilkerson & Mulligan’s office is in La Quinta, California and they will take homicide cases throughout the state of California.