Violent Crimes and Gun Crimes

Forest Wilkerson has helped defend hundreds of people charged with violent crimes. This seems to be the area of criminal law where most defendants who are charged are shocked to find themselves fighting for their freedom in the criminal justice system. Many violent crimes have a backstory that is most often not explored by the police or the prosecutor before an arrest is made and charges are filed. For example, someone who loses a fight is often labeled the “victim” and the winner is often labeled the “suspect” or “defendant”. Once charged with a crime, the average “Joe” (or “Jane”) finds themselves battling with not only the prosecutor, but a judge who believes they are guilty and a society who believes that if you’re charged with a crime, you must have done “something” to be sitting in the defendant’s seat.

Forest has the common sense and experience to know that what is written in the police report is most often not the full story. She will listen to your side and investigate every possible angle to support your defense in a meticulous and passionate manner. While many attorneys find it sufficient to send an investigator to interview witnesses or take photos of the scene, Forest goes along with investigators during their interviews to make sure that all the right questions are asked and that she knows what to expect when the witness testifies at trial. She will view the scene herself to ensure that nobody understands the case or knows the facts as well as she does. This is especially important with crimes of violence because often people involved in altercations with others have a motivation to fabricate or exaggerate to cover up their own culpability and being present for interviews and viewing the scene can help uncover any inconsistencies or defenses available to you.

Whether you are guilty or innocent, or somewhere in-between, Forest has the ability and experience to present the most compelling defense possible, and will do so passionately and aggressively.

Forest’s office is in La Quinta, California and she takes cases throughout Southern California, with an emphasis on the desert cities of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Bermuda Dunes, Thousand Palms, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Indio, La Quinta, and Coachella.