Restraining Order Defense

5-star Review by Rob, posted to :

I can not say enough about Forest. I was blindsided by a very difficult domestic violence case brought on by my ex-wife and our 13 year old daughter. While the accusations were motivated by many other factors regarding my ex wife, I was facing the possibility of not seeing my daughters for 3 years or more…and I had no idea what to do or who to turn to. After reading several other online reviews, I thought Forest was a perfect fit for my case. And I was 100% right. Not only did she absolutely command the court room during our trial, but she did so in a professional and confident manner that could simply not be competed with. And after she laid out the facts in a very clear and concise manner, the judge ruled without question in our favor. Thank you so much Forest, I will forever be grateful!

Civil and Family Law restraining orders are probably the area of law where the most frivolous claims arise. Many of these restraining orders are sought by people eager to get an advantage in a related divorce matter. Additionally, it is an easy way for unscrupulous divorce attorneys to easily run up fees.

If a restraining order is granted the restrained person loses the right to own or possess a firearm and the restraining order will be visible in some criminal background checks.

Forest Wilkerson carefully screens her restraining order cases. She will not defend a case with no chance of winning and she will tell you if you do not need an attorney. Forest is tough, thorough, and aggressive. She cannot guarantee success, but to date she has won ALL of her restraining order matters.